DarthPaully Designs Follow Focus Systems

WHY A FOLLOW FOCUS?- Simply put, a follow focus makes manual focus quick and easy with use of a gear-driven knob that turns the focus dial on the HV20/30/40 series camcorders.                             WHY THE HVFF?- Nothing compares to what the HVFF can DO with these camcorders.  Pull quick, easy, and truly accurate focus with the quick spin of a dial!    This is the ultimate tool for filmmakers or enthusiasts that want more manual control of their cam.  You can achieve AMAZING results in all kinds of situations with the HVFF.  A true must-have, The HVFF works great in a wide variety of settings:  Handheld, Tripod, Shoulder-rig, and is versatile with any type of shot including low or high angl

Darthpaully designed the original HVFF in November 2010 as a DIY project for members of HV20.com that wanted to get more out of the manual focus feature of the HV20/30/40 series camcorders.  Soon after, requests to purchase the HVFF came in...  Not even 5 months later-  4 huge upgrades (2.0, 2.5 and 3 and PRO), pages of pics, half a dozen user videos, 30+ pages of info.  The DPD LINE has beeN shipped all over the world and HAS GROWN TO SELL OVER 350 UNITS OVER THE PAST THREE YEARS.  Special thanks goes out to the HV20.com community, especially to my right hand man, Almohada.  None of this would have been possible without you guys!  HAPPY FILMMAKING!                                          

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  • "This is the difference between being able to shoot just OK video and professional video. DOF on the HV20 is a challenge anyway, and the HVFF not only makes it possible to consid..."
    Gregory Thoennes
    HV20 pro videographer
  • "One of the true "must have" accessories for your HVXX camera!! The HVFF can pull focus in a nano-second, what would take at least 5 seconds of flicking the on-camera focus whee..."
    Evil Bastard Productions
  • "JUST received the HVFF PRO in the mail...super excited to begin working with it :D I love the design, and appreciate the light weight and compact size; it fits right into my ca..."
    Proud HV40 Owner