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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What accessories do I need to use the HVFF with my Canon HVXX?

    You will need a 43mm-52mm step-up ring and a 52mm filter or extension to best monunt the HVFF.  Here's a quick video demo:


    The HVFF will also fit over a fotodiox type 43mm lens hood.  Although there have also been MANY other different ways that customers have mounted the HVFF, (hoods, rings lens etc) the two I've listed are the only two that I have tested.

  2. How long should I expect shipping to take for my HVFF?

    Shipping may vary considerably due to my work and family schedule and part availability.  1-4 weeks (to be safe) is the usual shipping time to expect.  I do my best to get them out, but it's tough when I get backed up 8 or 10 orders.   

    I have recently opened a new local business and also remember that the HVFF is hand-made in my home by me, and ONLY me, so what you are getting is truly original, and built and tested in my shop- with my tools and my HV40!  I appreciate your support, business and patience.

  3. Do you ship worldwide?

    YES!  Shipping made simple-  If you have paypal  and a legitimate address, I will ship it to you!!  Shipping costs will be shown during checkout and are subject to change.

  4. Will the HVFF work with other camcorders?

    The short anser here is YES!  The HVFF is currently being modified to work with ALL Canon HF-S series camcorders, including the latest model- the Canon HF-S30.  It has also been tested with Sony HDR models that have a similat manual focus wheel...  PLEASE let me know if you are interested in trying a beta version follow focus for your Sony HDR...

  5. What is the difference between the HVFF 3 and the HVFF PRO

    The only difference between the two designs is the look and size.  I had decided to go with the 3 design only but HV20.com memebers wanted the PRO.  So, I decided to sell both.  Here's the main differences:

    HVFF PRO- Has the professional look and feel of expensive follow focus systems sold by big companies. 

    HVFF 3- Has a professinal look and the knob is removable, making it usable witth the Focus Whip. 

    Both have the newer update 'pointing" marker and white disc, and rubber countoured grip.

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